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The #1 scattering plugin of blender.
A weapon of choice, engineered by, and for
professional 3d artists and visualizers.

In order to streamline your workflow, we have
meticulously designed a pipeline you can rely
upon in your daily work.

Goodbye Redundancy

Friendly and easy to use, our environment creation workflow is designed to maximize your productivity. Reach the sky within a few clicks.

Hello Flexibility

Not only useful for vegetation, but our tool is also as flexible as it is complete. From cityscapes to asteroid fields, your imagination is the limit.

Welcome Efficiency

With an armada of features by your side, you’ll be efficient and up-to-date, iterating faster than ever, thanks to a pipeline tailored to your needs.

Discover the latest added features.

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When we pioneered Geo-Scatter,
we designed something revolutionary:
The biome system.

Works like Magic

This system is truly magical, you are able to create complete environments that would normally take time to assemble, with a single click!

Free of Charge

You can use the biome system with the free Biome-Reader plugin, or, of course, with Geo-Scatter!

Spoilt for choice

Evermotion, Terrascape, Maxtree, Bproduction.. Many asset brands are on board. The biome system is a b3d standard.

Discover thousands of unique biomes.

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